What business? The business you put me on, asshole! What, you already forgot? THIS business. Huh? That uh jog your memory, son of a bitch? Hey, you said… you said handle it, so you know what, I handled it. Didn’t mean to kill somebody? Well, too late you know cause, dude’s dead. Way dead. Oh, and hey, hey. Here’s your money. Yeah, forty-six hundred and sixty bucks. Your half. Spend it in good health, you miserable son of bitch.

I didn’t say I killed him. Dude’s wife crushed his head with an ATM machine. Crushed his head… with an ATM machine… right in front of me. I mean, crushed it like… Oh my god, the sound… it’s still in my ears. You know and the the blood, like everywhere. Like there was so much you would not believe. Man will you just please give me… just give me my weed alright? It helps with my nausea.

Four pounds… foooour pounds as if two pounds wasn’t bad enough. we’re talking two three hundred boxes of sinus pills there ain’t that many Smurfs in the world. So no sudo? So you do have a plan! Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!

Yo… it’s appointment only! Jeez, you look like… Lex Luthor. I got two dudes turned into raspberry slushy and flushed down my toilet. I can’t even take a proper dump in there. I mean the whole damn house has gotta be haunted by now.